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Pablo Exclusive Frosted Ice Extra Strong

Pablo Exclusive Frosted Ice Extra Strong

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Delight in the cool embrace of Pablo Exclusive Frosted Ice, designed to provide a revitalizing experience with each pouch. Each can features 20 slim, tobacco-free pouches, meticulously crafted with a robust nicotine strength of 50mg/g. Pablo Exclusive Frosted Mint fuses the crispness of mint with a chilled finish, delivering a truly uplifting sensation. With their slim and inconspicuous design, these pouches offer optimum comfort and discretion, while their powerful nicotine strength is ideal for veteran users in search of an intense kick. Elevate your nicotine experience to unparalleled levels with Pablo Exclusive Frosted Mint, the epitome of flavor and potency.


Pablo Snus is a revolutionary name in the nicotine pouch industry, offering potent, tobacco-free alternatives tailored for users seeking a robust nicotine experience minus the risks linked to traditional tobacco. This Swedish brand takes pride in their unwavering commitment to quality and strength, offering pouches with a minimum nicotine concentration of 30mg/g. Committed to a cleaner experience, Pablo Snus innovatively employs 100% natural pine and eucalyptus fibers as the base material for their pouches, thus eliminating issues like nicotine-stained fingers. Their diverse portfolio of flavors, ranging from the stimulating Pablo Ice Cold to an array of other unique blends, promises a taste sensation to match any preference. The sleek, discreet design of their pouches ensures convenient, portable enjoyment without sacrificing potency. Dive into the outstanding selection of Pablo Snus nicotine pouches and experience the next evolution of nicotine indulgence, designed for the discerning consumer.

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