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Pablo Exclusive Banana Ice Extra Strong

Pablo Exclusive Banana Ice Extra Strong

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Dive into an exhilarating sensory experience with the captivating blend of frozen banana flavors. Each tin houses 20 sleek pouches, skillfully concocted with a robust nicotine potency of 50mg/g, to ensure unparalleled taste and gratification. Pablo Exclusive Banana Ice fuses the tropical allure of bananas with an icy undertone, providing a revitalizing escapade. These pouches, absent of tobacco, are slim and subtle, maximizing comfort and practicality. Specifically intended for seasoned users, the 50mg/g nicotine level provides a potent and intense nicotine rush. Relish the chilling warmth of Pablo Exclusive Banana Ice and elevate your nicotine indulgence to unparalleled flavor and contentment. Uncover the unique blend of icy bananas and extraordinary strength that distinguishes Pablo Exclusive Banana Ice from its competitors.


Pablo Snus is a pioneering name committed to transforming the nicotine pouch landscape with its robust, tobacco-free solutions. Aimed at veteran users looking for a powerful substitute to traditional tobacco products or cigarettes, Pablo Snus furnishes a peerless nicotine encounter, devoid of associated health risks. Central to the brand's prominence is an unwavering focus on excellence and potency. Manufactured in Sweden, their carefully curated nicotine pouches contain a minimum of 30 mg/g of nicotine, offering an impactful kick for the discerning consumer.

Pablo Snus takes considerable pride in their innovation—utilizing 100% natural pine and eucalyptus fibers as the core material. This avant-garde methodology not only guarantees a purer consumption experience but also resolves the problem of nicotine-induced stains common with traditional tobacco usage. With an array of flavors extending from the refreshing Pablo Ice Cold to other unique concoctions, they offer a flavor profile to match every individual taste. The svelte and inconspicuous nature of their pouches permits convenient, mobile gratification without forfeiting pleasure. Explore the extraordinary collection of Pablo Snus nicotine pouches, and step into the future of nicotine satisfaction, customized for those who accept nothing less than excellence.

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