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NEAFS Blueberry 0% Nicotine 20 Sticks

NEAFS Blueberry 0% Nicotine 20 Sticks

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  • NEAFS Blueberry 0% Nicotine Sticks
  • Sweet and sour fresh blueberry taste
  • 100% tobacco-free
  • One pack contains 20 sticks
  • No tobacco, No ash, No lingering odour
  • Only minimal cleaning required

Nothing beats a sweet and slightly sour fresh blueberry taste. And now you can take and taste this flavour anywhere, all thanks to NEAFS Blueberry Nicotine Sticks.

Featuring a very aromatic taste and smell that any fruit-lover will enjoy, our tobacco-free nicotine sticks provide a smooth experience of fresh fields. A truly unforgettable adventure of taste, reminiscent of daydreaming.

NEAFS Blueberry heated sticks are nothing like your classic nicotine sticks.

They are 100% tobacco-free, offering a top-quality alternative to heated tobacco products. Instead of tobacco, our sticks are packed with our premium tea blend for an exceptional experience when gently heated.

Wrapped and sealed individually to maintain freshness and flavour.


90-95% reduction of chemicals and emissions

Reduced risk profile

Cigarettes produce high amounts of carbon monoxide, NEAFS doesn’t.

90-95% reduction

NEAFS sticks have on average, a 90-95% reduction in chemicals and emissions when compared to tobacco cigarette and other heated tobacco competitors

No tobacco product is safe

Quitting tobacco is always the best option for your health. Compared to classic and heated tobacco cigarettes, NEAFS sticks have no tobacco.

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