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Aspire PockeX Kit Blue

Aspire PockeX Kit Blue

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The Aspire PockeX vape kit is an AIO (All In One) kit known for being one of the most popular starter kits worldwide and is recommended to vapers of all experience levels. Powered by a built-in 1500mAh battery this kit combines a 2ml tank and mod into one device, making maintenance and set-up very easy. Due to its interchangeable coil feature, the PockeX is compatible with a range of coils and can be used for mouth to lung vaping.


  • 1500mAh Battery Capacity
  • Ergonomic Pen Style Design
  • 2ml Tank Capacity 
  • Top Fill Method
  • Leak Proof Design
  • No Spill Coil Swap System
  • Easy To Take Apart & Clean
  • Interchangeable Coils
  • Compatible with Sub Ohm and Mouth to Lung Coils

Lightweight and compact in size, the PockeX is easy to carry and great for vaping on the go. Featuring single button operation, there are no menu systems or confusing button combinations to remember, the button on the front of the device serves to both activate and lock the device.

The long-life battery means users will experience up to a full day of vaping between charges, with an inbuilt LED acting as a battery life indicator. When you need to charge the PockeX, simply use the USB-C cable that’s included with the kit.

Featuring top filling to make refilling a simpler task, unscrewing the top of the PockeX tank will remove both the cap and the coil itself. Fill up to the max line printed on the device, to stop leaking and to ensure your coils stay saturated.

You have the choice of using either the dedicated PockeX coils that are available in a 0.6 Ohm (included) or 1.2 Ohm resistance (available separately), or the Aspire Nautilus X coils that are available in higher resistances of 1.5 Ohm, 1.8 Ohm as well as a 0.7 Ohm mesh. We recommend you use a 60% VG or 70% VG with the 0.6 Ohm coils, high PG e-liquid or 50% PG e-liquid will work best with the other coils.

Overall, the PockeX is a lightweight and simple to use vape kit, which offers new users a good introduction to vaping as well as a reliable back-up device for experienced vapers.


  • Aspire PockeX Starter Kit
  • 2 x Aspire PockeX 0.6 Ohm Coil (1 x Pre-Installed)
  • USB-C Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Manual

Important information about sub ohm vaping:

This device is intended for sub ohm vaping. Sub ohm vape kits require a greater amount of knowledge and experience to use safely. They use specially designed coils that register below 1.0 Ohm resistance, for use at higher wattages. These kits will also feature advanced modes that require a knowledge of vaping to be used correctly.

We recommend that when sub ohm vaping, you do not use an e-liquid that has higher than a 6mg nicotine strength, this will be too harsh on the throat. Sub ohm vaping produces more vapour and because of this, an increased throat hit. You should kits like this with a high VG e-liquid, that is 60% VG or higher.

How to Set-Up And Use My Aspire PockeX Starter Kit

How to Charge Your Aspire PockeX

Charge Your Aspire PockeX

When your vape kit arrives it might not be fully charged. Before you get started, charge the device until the light on the bottom of the kit turns green.

How To Remove PockeX Tank Cap

Remove PockeX Tank Cap

Unscrew and the metal ring that’s connected to the kit’s mouthpiece. This may also remove the coil (don’t worry that’s normal).

How To Fill Aspire PockeX Tank

Fill Aspire PockeX Tank

Take your e-liquid and fill the tank until the liquid reaches the “MAX” line which is printed on the outside of the tank.

How To Replace Cap

Replace Cap

Screw the cap back on. If the PockeX coil has been removed, make sure it’s lined up straight before tightening.

How to Prime Your Pockex Coil

Prime Your PockeX Coil

Leave your device upright for ten minutes, allowing the PockeX coil to soak up the e-liquid. This is known as priming your coil.

How To Unlock And Vape Your PockeX

Unlock And Vape Your PockeX

Click the button on your PockeX kit five times to unlock it, you can then press the button to vape.

The Aspire PockeX is a compact vape kit for mouth to lung vaping.
The Aspire PockeX vape starter kit is a simple and reliable kit.
Even though it's compact, the PockeX vape kit uses a large capacity 1500mAh battery.
Featuring single button operation the Aspire PockeX uses a large capacity battery.
The Aspire PockeX coil produces a discreet amount of vaping for mouth to lung vaping.
A wide range of compatible coils are available, supporting both MTL vaping and DTL vaping.
The PockeX vape kit holds 2ml of e-liquid and features top filling.
Top filling makes maintaining the PockeX vape kit quick and simple, it will hold 2ml of e-liquid.
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